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PryDniprovskii Cargo Terminal

Located within Dnipro city, on the area of the left bank of the river Dnipro, in street Avtoparkova 5, this cargo terminal has a suitable approach road and own rail link. The access to the road is possible from the destination from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, with further in transit through Zaporizhia, Odessa, Mykolaiv. Two motor bridges through the river Dnipro within easy reach from the terminal location enable choosing the most optimal route. The distance from the PryDniprovskii terminal to the bridge of Pivdennyi mist (Yuzhnyi mist in the Russian version) is 2.3 km while that to the Central bridge (Tsentralny mist) is 8.5 km. Thus, the location of the terminal enables us to consider it as the logistic complex both to serve large interregional traffic flows and to provide local service oriented to the work within the region.

The main warehouse of PryDniprovskii Cargo Terminal is equipped with the parking ramp per its perimeter and this facility is designed with the objective to handle cargo wheel vehicles and railway wagons. Additionally, we provide the staff facilities, the staff change rooms and the shower rooms and 24/7 security services for the terminal, its storing rooms and the office building.


Location, addressDnipro, st. Avtoparkova 5
Railway station name to direct wagons to the terminalIgren station
Warehouse Typereinforced concrete constructions
Number of warehouse floors1-2 floors with freight lifts
Acceptable load per 1 m² of the floor3 ton
Column grid
-1 floorwithout columns
-2 floor6х6 meters
Warehouse height
-1 floor12 meters
-2 floor6 meters
Number of freight lifts4 pieces
Lifts capacity2 tons
The overall area of the items belonging to PryDniprovskii Cargo Terminal (warehouses and office buildings)around 14 700 m2
+38 (066) 418-66-21 / +38 (067) 559-98-48 – Contact person: Liudmila Strebul


Tantal Warehouse

Located within the city of Dnipro, on its right bank: st. Akademika Beleliubskoho 24zh, Tantal Warehouse is a two-floor building with the main warehouse on the first floor and the second floor for the office. Tantal Warehouse is 350 meters from the central railway station of Dnipro city. The office is 500 m2 (the height is 3.5 m). The warehouse is 500 m2 (the height is 6 m).

Tantal Warehouse is equipped by the own heating system, the conditioning system, the ventilation system, fire signal system and has the 24/7 security services, the own parking area, telephone connection and the Internet.

Within easy reach to the pharmaceutical warehouse, the equipment warehouse and its sales facilities, the spare parts warehouse, etс.

+38 (056) 790-38-55