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Railroad transport is one of the most widespread means applied for bulk freight. From the standpoint of cargo owners, this type of transportation is advantageous when there is a need to deliver large amounts of goods and raw materials to a remote destination as it is relatively fast and cheap.

Its popularity with clients is encouraged by a large variety of wagon types and their high carrying load capacities (67-71 tons depending on the wagon type). The fleet can contain open-wagons, covered wagons with the carrying load capacity of up to 150 m3, open platforms, tank-wagons, hopper wagons for grains, hopper wagons for cement, special isothermal wagons, wagons for out-of-gauge loads.

While there are such advantages as flexibility, low cost, and acceptable speed of delivery, the cargo railroad transportations are also marked with high degree of safety. Accidents and force majeure conditions are rarer here and the traffic is better organized than that at the automobile road.

However, one cannot neglect a drawback hidden behind the advantages of this means of transportation. It is a complicated arrangement of railway transport, which requires the awareness of the legal norms, rules and regulations whatsoever arise with any change in the legislation of Ukraine, its neighboring countries or cooperation within the agreements of SMGS and CIM.

Yugintertrans Services in the Sphere of Railway Transportation

Our company has been working with railway transportations more than 24 years. Our staff have profound knowledge of this sphere and guarantee the high quality of the services we provide at minimal cash cost. We also have the opportunities to organize the multimodal transportation or combined transport, which geography of operation can be enlarged due to the transportations by wheel vehicles and by sea vessels.

The services to have been provided by our clients’ requests:

  • Transportation planning and scheduling;
  • Logistics schemes of transportation;
  • Filling in applications for freight transportations;
  • Delivery of applications for freight transportations to the railway companies;
  • Clearing applications for freight transportations with the railway companies;
  • Coordination of freight delivery orders with various transporters worldwide;
  • Accept of the cooperating inquiries on continuous train from the railway with its further hand over or delivery to the freight owners or the consignors, or both;
  • Rolling stock providing
  • Filling in loading sheets or delivery notes;
  • Submission of loading sheets or delivery notes to the railway administration for approval;
  • Accept of the approved loading sheets or delivery notes from the railway administration and their deliveries to the freight owners or the consignors;
  • Submission of loading sheets or delivery notes to the railway administration after loading the freights into the wagons or the containers;
  • Accept of cargo receipts from the railway administration for freight delivery procedures and there deliveries to the freight owners or the consignors;
  • Dispatching cargoes, cargo receipts on behalf of our clients;
  • Payments for carriage charges;
  • Railway cargo monitoring;
  • Paperwork for consignment reforwarding en route and at the destination point;
  • Insurance for railroad bills of lading;
  • Claims to the railway concerning the freight deliveries.

Any freight delivery by railway is always successful when we assist!