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Locking and Sealing Devices

Protection of wagons, containers and warehouses from unauthorized penetration is the most acute problem for cargo owners to have been experienced. A warehouse can be safe to a certain degree if equipped with signalization means, security cameras but to use the means of a full-featured security system with an individual wagon is not possible.

This problem is cured with locking and sealing devices. They are installed on wagons manually and it takes us not more than 10 seconds to install one locking and sealing device, but to remove it without special tools is not possible. As every device has an individual mark code engraved on its surface (batch number, shipping carrier name), the devices prevent from wagon opening, cargo accessing and wagon resealing, otherwise the unauthorized penetration is easily revealed at unloading.

Locking and Sealing Devices Supplies by Yugintertrans

Our company sells two models of Varta single-use locking and sealing devices, designed for containers, bodies, various kinds of wagons (including tank-car), warehouses and other important objects.

  • Varta-Universal M. – The main version designed for sealing the objects through sealing holes of more than 6 mm, has been produced in accordance with TU U 01057491.013-99 since 1998. Has proven to be a reliable version with optimal price and quality ratio. Able to withstand efforts of shears for metal rope and wire cutting as possesses the safety reserve of 5000 cuts.
  • Varta L. – The later modification of locking and sealing devices (TU U 28.6-01057491-023-2004) for sealing the objects with sealing holes of more than 3 mm. Incorporates more unique design components to protect its product originality. Designed for tank-car with hazardous contents (condensed gas, various acids and alkalines), utility trucks and objects considered for customs control. Able to withstand the force of no less than 350 kg.

The both versions have been certified and verified with criminalist expert examination and fire service examination under Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. These devices are successfully applied by consignors from CIS and are allowed to be used for the cargoes transported into Baltic countries and Western Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic).

The quality of the products is verified by compliance certificate. If you would like to buy the locking and sealing devices, please find the telephone to order on Contact US page. We can sell you the devices in Dnipro or to send it by Nova Poshta. The terms of supply and the prices of locking and sealing devices are to be discussed with each order.

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