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Load Transportation by Wheel Vehicles

This kind of transportation is taking a leading position on the transportation and logistics services. Its popularity is stipulated by its universal character and high speed of deliveries due to well developed road facilities, large number of automobile designs and no deficit with the vehicles in this business. Moreover, the load-carrying vehicles are often an inherent chain in multimodal transportation and it is impossible to have high quality from-door-to-door delivery without them. The load-carrying vehicles with various types of bodies allow the following:

  • Transportation of general cargoes and bulk-loaded cargoes under 21 tons per a vehicle provided that there is even distribution of the weight at all the axles;
  • Container transport and consolidated cargoes under 21 tons per a vehicle;
  • Delivery of perishable loads and cargoes to require steady thermal regime maintenance;
  • Transportation of hazardous cargoes by wheel vehicles;
  • Transportation of fluid cargoes of various categories by special purpose tank-vehicles;
  • Transportation of special equipment and out-of-gauge loads by trawls and flat bodies of various kinds.

Yugintertrans Services for International Transportations by Wheel Vehicles

The number of companies operating at the market of transportations and logistics is constantly increasing. Almost for a quarter of a century, Yugintertrans has been organizing transportation of cargoes by motor roads. Our company builds the long-term cooperation with our clients. We guarantee the observance of all the rules for arranged with us transportations as well as the legislative norms and contract provisions. For our regular clients we offer the prices and conditions of special benefit and we strive to build perfect working relations with each client and partner.

Working with us, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • We ensure the liabilities of the forwarder for each load sent;
  • Preparation of permit documents for out-of-gauge loads transportation is made by our experts;
  • Any deviation from the planned route, any shifts in the schedule are kept under monitoring, that is, cargo whereabouts tracking is 24/7 until the destination point.

We care about the quality and maintain the main value of our company’s asserts – crystal clear and spotless reputation and trust of our clients.