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Cargo Transportation by Sea

Long marine transport operations remain the only means of cargo delivery to a long distance. The time passes and the development of new means of transport enables bulk cargoes movement by land transportation support, however, the economical efficiency keeps the marine transportation for general cargoes and for bulk cargoes at the leading position even nowadays

Advantages of transportation by sea:

  • Port infrastructure is well developed in the most parts of the world. This enables us to enlarge the net of cargo deliveries significantly;
  • Sea shipments are more attractive in terms of price than the other alternatives when long distance transportation is required.

Along with sea shipments, river transport is actively operated pursuing the main target of satisfying the needs in inland water transport. From this standpoint, Ukraine may enjoy the favour of a good geographical location, especially the Dnipro river region, as this river is one of the largest navigable rivers in Europe. This not only makes the delivery of containers easier but also allows utilizing river transport for satisfying the logistics needs of the agricultural sector, metallurgy, mining and rocky industry, heavy machinery industry, etc.

Sea Transportations, Cargo Transportation and Cargo Transloading with Yugintertrans

For more than 24 years, Yugintertrans has been utilizing the potential of water transport for cargoes all over the world. Our company is in close cooperation with large shipowners, ports, various terminals and facilities to offer the most profitable conditions for our clients.

Meeting the needs of our Clients, we can organize the following:

  • Empty containers for cargo loading at any point of Ukraine and organize their further shipment into any port of the world;
  • Direct delivery by railway and ferry service through the routes of
    1) Chornomorsk (formerly Illichivsk), – Poti (Batumi) – Baku – Turkmenbashi or Aktau;
    2) Chornomorsk (formerly Illichivsk) – Haydarpaşa (Samsun);
  • Cargo transloading in the ports of the Azov Sea, Kherson, Dnipro and Odessa;
  • Other services are also could be provided.

If you would like to order some of the above listed services or receive information on their prices or to be consulted, please, do not hesitate to contact us.