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Cargo Customs Clearance

Сargo customs clearance is a series of actions consisting of coordination, permit acceptance, documents approval, etc.

Why do you need the service of a customs broker?

  • If your knowledge of the customs regulations is not sufficient, the cargo customs clearance becomes a long and exhausting process, which could lead to the violation of the contract obligations;
  • When import or export, a large collection of documents is required. Its constitution depends on a load type and its quantity;
  • Improper or out-of-time cargo customs clearance often brings penalty provisions.

Please note, if you work with the professionals of the sphere, it economizes you money and save your time

Yugintertrans’s Customs Broker Services

The services we provide:

  • Customs clearance consulting;
  • Information on tariff and non-tariff regulations;
  • Declare goods and items, transported within various customs regulations (export, import, transit).

Working with us not only permits eliminating your involvement in the problems related to customs activities but also liberates your additional time and money for the further business development.

Please, do not hesitate to call us to clarify the details.

  • Accreditation at customs house (customs accreditation card) – a mandatory procedure;
  • Customs report;
  • International contract with all appendixes to the Contract, translated into the language of the target country;
  • Specification documents for a certain delivery or a lot;
  • Shipment document (CMR, TIR, ТТН; Bill of Lading, Manifest, SMGS, CIM – depending on the delivery type) – a mandatory;
  • Certificate of Goods Origin, if the goods have been produced in Ukraine (for CIS countries – ST-1 document; for EU countries – EUR-1) attached with a certificate of quality (if available);
  • Phytosanitary certificates, veterinary certificates, health certificates (depending on a load specific character);
  • Certificate evidencing that the transporting vehicle is permitted to transport the load under customs provisions (if available);
  • Other documents on customs authority request.

  • Accreditation at customs house (customs accreditation card) – a mandatory procedure;
  • Document to monitor the load delivery to the destination point on the territory of Ukraine (PP, PD for loads imported by wheel vehicles, for containers, for loads imported by vessels and delivered to the destination by wheel vehicles. TP-80 – for railway carriages) – a mandatory;
  • Shipment document (CMR for delivery by wheel vehicles) – a mandatory;
  • Shipment document (TIR) – not a mandatory; on request of the Partners concerned;
  • Shipment document (Bill of Lading when mixed delivery or delivery by sea) – a mandatory;
  • Shipment document (Manifest when mixed delivery or delivery by sea) – not a mandatory;
  • Shipment document (Railroad Bill of Lading when delivery by railway) – a mandatory procedure;
  • Financial documents (invoice, proforma invoice, cash invoice) only in the original! – a mandatory;
  • International contract (between the Parties concerned) – a mandatory;
  • Appendixes to the above-mentioned international contract – not a mandatory, if required;
  • Contract on Delivery Service (Transportation Contract, Forwarding Contract) – not a mandatory (depending on delivery conditions);
  • Official note or letter on the amount of transporting expenses or their distribution (from your transport carrier or forwarder) – a mandatory procedure;
  • Bill to pay for transport and forwarding;
  • Certificate of Origin (ST-1, form А, general, etc.)– not a mandatory, but it is very favourable to apply with the ORIGINALS;
  • Movement certificate (EUR1);
  • Phytosanitary, veterinary certificates, health certificates (depending on a load specific character);
  • Other documents if their need whatsoever arises due to the demand of the customs administration.

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